We are worried about coming to the show because of Covid

There will be a maximum of 40 people in the room (each show is limited to maximum of 8 young people).  We encourage everyone to wear face masks during the show, unless this is for access reasons or if you are exempt.  Performers will wear face masks for any close-up audience interaction (unless they are exempt).   We will have stickers available at the venue to show if you and your family would prefer no close-up interaction from the performers. All props that are given to the audience will be disinfected after each show, and between handling by different people.

My child or pupil struggles to sit still and quietly during a show, will this be a problem?

Absolutely not. This show is very interactive. It has been designed for young people who prefer to move around, make noise and get up close and involved during shows. We encourage noise!

We have not been to the theatre before and are worried my child or pupil will not like it or find it engaging.

This show is a perfect introduction to the theatre for young people who haven’t been before. The low audience numbers mean the show is tailored for each person and how they react, it is a very flexible environment. The show has been made with Autistic young people, so has been created around their interests and what they find engaging, it uses a very sensory approach.

My child is disabled, but not Autistic – can they come?

The show has been designed for and with Autistic young people. All shows are wheelchair accessible and open access. Sound Symphony is energetic, fast-paced, and a very stimulating sensory environment. There tend to be lots of movement and noise from other audience members as they enjoy the show.

Is this show open to children who are not Autistic and/or disabled?

The show is open to siblings of Autistic and /or disabled young people. But we can recommend some brilliant theatre for children at the festivals and venues we’re working with.

We are worried about how we will get to the show.

If you have any concerns about your transport route, please contact us our Access & Engagement Officer siobhan@oilycart.org.uk and we will help you.

My child or pupil can have quite extreme reactions or challenging behaviour.

Sound Symphony has been designed for Autistic young people who have the most barriers to access. All the performers, staff and crew are fully trained to deal with challenging behaviour and all types of reactions. It is a very relaxed environment and we have seen it all! So please don’t worry, we will have trained staff on hand to support you during the show and will have a quiet space that is separate to the show if it gets too much at any point. They will also be the option to leave and re-enter the show at any point and as many times as you need to.

My child is under 8 years old but is autistic, can they come?

Sound Symphony has been designed for young people over the age of 8,
so we don’t recommend it for younger children.

How can I use some of the ideas from Sound Symphony at home?

We have created a worksheet of ideas for you to try at home. A copy will be available to download closer to the show.